Lasagna Lunches

I’m always saving money where I can, and eating out for lunch everyday can add up. So I try to always make large portions of easily reheated dishes to bring to work so I can save a few bucks during the work week. Well I’ve been craving lasagna for a while so I thought I’d give it a whirl in my closet.

Now I always cook vegetarian so this morning I started thinking up a dream list of veggies to stuff in this lasagna. In the past I have had issues with putting too many water heavy veggies in a lasagna, thus ending up with a soupy lasagna which overflows all over my oven. So I wanted to balance water heavy veggies with thirsty ones to prevent this. Mushrooms always soak up whatever they cook in so they were a must, I chose both white button and cremini. Spinach is great in vegetarian lasagna but very wet if you choose fresh, so I substituted kale for a little extra body and less water. I also added Italian squash and basil. Somehow I managed to fit all these ingredients on my counter  for a quick picture.


Then I got to chopping…


Somehow the picture of all the chopped ingredients in their massive pile have escaped my phone. Still learning the details of this blog stuff. After all the chopping was done I got to layering.


Starting with a layer of Garlic Pasta Sauce from TJ’s, to prevent a sticky bottom, then no boil pasta sheets. These are such a time saver, I have used them for years, and they are just as good as the boiled sheets, just easier to handle. Ricotta and mozzarella then all the veggies.


Then sauce and more cheese and one more layer of noodles. This pan wasn’t as deep as I’d hoped so only one layer of veggies was possible. IMG_20151108_165014582_HDR

Finally into Curt at 325, covered in foil for a while. Pasta directions suggested 350, but with such a small oven it gets much hotter and can quickly burn things. So lower and slower is much better. Now I didn’t set a timer, but these things aren’t difficult to figure out. I kept checking on it until the edges of the pasta didn’t crunch when I poked them. Probably about 25 mins. To add the final touches I took off the foil, cranked up the heat set the oven to boil and caramelized the cheese. IMG_20151108_175758805_HDR[1]

So Gorgeous… I would include a recipe but this more of an eyeballing thing based on personal preference and taste. Just always make sure to mind the directions on the pasta box as they do need to be thoroughly cooked. Now I have two large Tupperwares of lasagna to get me through the week… hopefully will cover at least 3-4 days.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating ~ M  


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