Breakfast for Dinner

After a very long Monday and an even longer Tuesday I was needed a little comfort tonight. My comfort food is eggs, I will put an egg on just about anything. A good friend and I once had a 45 min phone conversation about things we eat with eggs, she gets me ❤ . So tonight I made Basted Eggs on Toast, with Pesto.

Now many people are unfamiliar with the basted egg, but I’ve been eating them this way since I was a kid but never new what they were called. My mom would always fry me an egg but rather than flip it when the whites became solid, she would add a little water in the lid of the pan and cover them until they eggs were cooked to medium. Recently we discovered this is called basting.

Since moving I have struggled to find a way to cook eggs (without a stove) and still obtain the consistency and texture I love in my eggs. Thanks to a little bit of research and a lotta bit of Pinterest, I discovered this method. I start with a baking pan, only as big as you need, and two small ramekins (I believe they are 5oz).


I melt about a half tbsp of butter in each ramekin in the microwave, just 20-30 secs or so. Then I fill the bread pan with about an inch of water as it will rise when the ramekins are added. I cracked one egg in each ramekin, added a little S&P and more P (Paprika). And finally a splash of water, which I do just by dipping my fingers in the bread pan and dripping the water into the ramekins a few times. And it’s ready to cook at 350 for about 10-15 mins depending how how done you like your eggs. I’m wildly impatient so I just keep checking until they look right.

Ready for the oven with my favorite spices on top!
Ready for the oven with my favorite spices on top! Water only needs to come halfway up on the ramekins. 

When they’re all cooked carefully remove them from the water bath (I use tongs very carefully) and use a spatula or fork to lift the egg out of the ramekins. I put some sourdough toast in the oven to finish off with the eggs, then top the bread with some yummies. I love a savory breakfast so I use Trader Joe’s Pesto Quinoa spread and some basil flavored olive oil from a local shop to top my toast.

I just il fustino for all my special olive oils an vinegars.
I just love il fustino for all my special olive oils and vinegar’s.

Then it’s all ready to eat!

Those little eggs are just so cute!
Those little eggs are just so cute!


Feeling all warm and fuzzy now! ~M


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