A Vegan Cleanse

After a long and delicious Thanksgiving weekend filled with lots of meat and complex carbs, I was in dire need of a light veggie-filled dinner. So I decided on something simple and vegan that ended up being much more complicated than I planned.


My plan was roasted brussels sprouts with fig balsamic vinegar. I had a bag of brussels sprouts I’d been meaning to use,  and they were starting to look a little faded. When I opened the bag I discovered they were more than a little faded.


I didn’t have a back up plan, so I decided to pick out the few that didn’t look as bad or slimy and do a little work on them. Now the great thing about brussels sprouts is they are like Shrek, they have laaayers! So after slicing off the bottoms I was able to peel off the less than happy leaves to revel happy little green brussels!


Downside is, this didn’t leave me with too many brussels. Now this was suppose to be a full meal, so I added a few little potatoes that I had lying around, added a little olive oil and crushed garlic. But when I went to grab the balsamic I found an unpleasant surprise. One of my liquid ant traps had tipped over and spilled out leaving a clear sticky stringy mess cementing my balsamic in place. Now I had no idea what could remove and clean up the ant bait, normally the ants do that. Finally after soaking it in most of the cleaners in my cabinet I found that white vinegar took it off, sort of easily, but I really hope I’ll never need to use that knowledge again, it was such a mess. I was finally able to drizzle some of my delicious balsamic over the tray and pop them in the Curt at 375.


In hind sight I would like add the balsamic after the brussels have cooked for a little while, the vinegar sort of burned and let off a very unpleasant scent in the process. When I have made a similar dish before, it was a on a stove top with vegetable stock and the balsamic was added almost at the end. But these brussels turned out OK, they needed a little salt and pepper, but totally edible.


To supplement my tiny plate of brussels and potatoes, I also made a little salad with beets, carrots and slivered almonds. I used my favorite dressing from TJs, Goddess Dressing, which has tofu making it creamy but it’s still vegan.


I love to get raw almonds and toast and season them myself so they don’t get stale and aren’t over salted. The oven was already hot from the brussels and they were barely toasted…. then a looked away for one minute and they were very toasted.


But it all tasted good and I’m happy and full!


Sometimes it is a rough road, but you can still eat healthy and feel good!

Closet Vegan ~ M ❤ 


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