Quinoa Stuffed Delicata Squash

“You know something Uitivich? I think this just might be my masterpiece.” 


I’ve been wanting to do some more fall themed recipes lately and it seems like December is a fitting time to start. In Santa Barbara we really don’t have seasons, it’s only recently started cooling off and all the leaves are now falling, so happy fall everyone! To follow is my recipe/experiment of  Quinoa Stuffed Delicata Squash!

Start with a buncha good stuff. I wanted mushrooms, kale and almonds in my quinoa, but you really could add just about anything. *The cheese is for later, and the Wine is just for me… “cooking wine”.


I chopped up the mushroom and ripped the kale off it’s stocks. *Important tip with kale, always pull it off the stocks. These stocks are tough and gross and never, in any circumstance, do they cook down into something pleasantly edible.

I cooked the quinoa in it’s little microwave steamer bag (three cheers for Trader Joes), it was my first time trying this nifty little TJs product and it worked pretty good. Except that it kinda leaked water all over in the microwave but totes cooked the quinoa so its fine by me, what are paper towels for any who. I then toasted a few almonds and tossed everything together with a little leftover honey mustard dressing I had from Thanksgiving.


Next the lil squash, now I have limited experience with delicata squash but whatever the squash it squishes the same… But we’re not gonna squish it. Slice it in half, with a big sharp knife.


Oh look… seeds!! We don’t need that shit! Scoop em’!


Bam! Easy peasy. Now I got little squash boats to row down the river!

I knew these would need a little time to get fork tender, so I roasted them in the oven at 400 with olive oil and S&P, for about 5 minutes (in hind sight I think 10 minutes would have been better). Look at them go… I’m terrible at waiting, I get bored easy.



How about the story of the blue spotch a-top Curt?! Turns out not everyone understands the concept of things that cook other things get hot themselves. A roommate of mine in college left a bag of bread a-top Curt when he was just a wee boy in his first kitchen, then she made a little toast. Suddenly Curt was blue! Also turns out no amount of scrubbing or scrapping removes melted plastic off a texture oven. Facinating eh?

Anywho squash is ready to be stuffed. Carefully scoop and squish.



Now as I mentioned earlier, looking back I would have preferred to cook the empty squash longer before stuffing them so the next step wasn’t really necessary, but a quick fix when the stuffing was getting crunchy and the squash was not yet fork tender. I covered it with foil tightly to help everything steam off and to soften the squash. Yay more waiting… keep up the hard work Curt!


Finally things are making noise and smelling good (how I measure cooking time. Yes very scientific) Probably about 10-15 minutes in the real world. To finish it off I put two little slices of Havarti cheese on top and switched Curt to boil (no foil) after just a minute I pulled them out and right on to the plate!



YUM!! These little babes are so precious! Then in a quarter of the time it took them to cook, they’re gone!


Definitely a masterpiece! And so easy! Eat up!

Happy Fall Bitches! ❤ M 






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