Pasta Salad and Oatmeal Cups

I had a busy weekend, but I was looking at an even busier week ahead, so I did a little thinking about what I could do to keep me fed and healthy all week. With all the room I have in my fridge (all to myself) I like making big batches of things when I have the chance, so I can have ready-made food throughout the week. If you have healthy choices pre-prepared they’re waiting for you when your exhausted and just want wine for dinner.


Now this weekend I was kitten sitting these cute little dumplings at my friends house, while she was graduating with her BFA in Design from San Jose State University. CONGRATS EMILY!! XOXO Check out all her amazing work on her website!


So while vigilantly watching these kitten dumplings I took advantage of her stove and made a big pasta salad. In a nutcase, I cooked Rotini pasta and added frozen peas right at the end to defrost them. Then chopped up artichoke hearts (which look like alien hearts… very creepy), Yellow bells, red onion, kalamata olives, and tossed it all with pesto. If your into that kinda thing, feta or goat cheese would likely pair well with these things too. I also got cherry tomatoes but didn’t have room in the bowl, so I’ll likely add those as I eat it.

Slicing up little Alien Hearts! Yum!
So Many Gorgeous Colors! 

I barely had enough Tupperware, but this will definitely get me through lunches for at least a week probably more, or a few dinners too. Tomatoes would not have fit, I’m glad I left them for later. I also did one bag of Rotini with a plain red sauce. Which is easy to add things to, to jazz it up later as needed. Lunches for the week, Check!



Next a fast healthy grab and go breakfast…

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cups!  

Now for this I did follow a recipe… mostly. I’m terrible with following recipes, and rules in general, especially when I think I know better. I also am a baker’s nightmare because I’m terrible with measuring, but everything I make always turns out edible!

This is MY recipe…

2 c -ish of old fashioned oats (I used cups but poured messy but over the bowl)

1 1/2 tsp baking powder (I don’t have measuring spoons, so I just use eyeballs) 

1/4 tsp salt (couple-a healthy shakes)

1/2 tsp cinnamon (a buncha healthy shakes)

1 c almond milk (use whatever milky drink you’d like)

1 egg (sups easy to measure)

2 unfrozen bananas (I will explain) 

1 large fugi apple (pealed and diced)

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl stirring a few times after each add.


The two unfrozen bananas… I always have a few bananas in my freezer because I can never finish them before they brown. They are all I use in recipes because you don’t need to mash, just defrost slowly in the microwave, and add in. Slowly because they are technically a sealed item so heating up anything that is sealed too quickly will always make it explode, and you do not want to spend your weekend wiping up sticky banana out of your microwave. Finally browned bananas are always sweeter, so no need for extra sugar. To release, slice just through the skin tip to tip and squeeze out.


For the Apple, the easiest way to peal off the skin is with a small paring knife. Hold the knife close to the blade and work in a circular pattern around the apple very carefully and slowly.


Look! Everyone’s friends… and they smell sooo good!


Next grease the pan and dollop in the mix. The first batch I put a little too much in each cup. Next time I’ll fill them to just below the brim of each cup, because they do plump a little as they cook. Also if you want a super clean and easy idea, skip the butter and use muffin cups, that will make them super easy to pick up and go. I just didn’t have any this time.

Batch one – Just a tad too full. 
Batch 2 – not nearly as full. 

Cook at 350-375, for 20-25 min. In a little toaster oven like Curt, the cooking time and temp always decreases a little because he’s small, heats up faster and the contents are closer to the heat. But by all means you can use a big oven and go for 375 for 25 minutes.

Done and chillin’ like oatmeal villains. 
Bagged up for easy travelin’ – don’t mind the almond butter. He’s just excited to go to work tomorrow too. (Almond Butter and Apple Snack) 

After all that I was a little beat, so I had a oatmeal cup and 2 glasses of wine for dinner. But now I’m set and fed for the rest of the week!!

Prepped, Planned and Pooped ~ M ❤ 



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