Addictive Waffle Cone Peppermint Bark

Looking for the perfect party favor or Christmas gift this Holidays, then boyyy I got the one for you… follow me! OOOOooooo


Now I must confess, this was a classic case of “Hey! I can do that!”. Last week I found these delicious gems at TJs, I ate a whole box on my own then brought some into work and everyone just loved them!!

They’re called mini Peppermint Waffle cookies, and are highly addictive. I thought it would be pretty easy to make these myself, so I worked on gathering the goods.

First I got some waffle cones from the Cold Stones Creamery down the street, only 80 cents each… pretty reasonable. I almost ate half of one of the cones on the drive home, and I’m only 2 mins from Cold Stones, they were warm and smelled so good! I got 6 because there was no way they wouldn’t go to use one way or another.


I got melting chocolate and some candy canes, then ate a salad so I’d stop eating the waffle cones.


I broke up the waffle cones into relatively small chunks, only nibbling a little as I did. They’re like my Achilles heel, I was powerless.


I decided to smash the candy canes next so they would be ready when the chocolate was still hot. Double bag the candy canes… for safety, ideally with freezer thickness bags. And smash away with a big hammer or heavy pot. I suppose you could also throw them into a food processor to speed this up, its a little tedious.


And into a cup for easy sprinkling!


Then I melted the chocolate in microwave and drizzled it all over the waffles, tossing them around a bit. In the future I might use bigger trays or spread out the waffles more. They ended up all sticking together in big chucks that needed to be broken up a little bit, but no big deal. All still edible.


As soon as the chocolate is evenly dispersed, sprinkle on the candy canes. Then let cool for a few minutes, this chocolate set in about 15 minutes.


All done! I took these to two parties I went to in one night, and they were a hit at both! These delightful treats will definitely be making an appearance at Christmas!

The Holidays taste sooo good! ~M 


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