Root Vegetable Gratin … Hopefully

Ever since I’ve gotten my fun little mandolin slicer I’ve been wanting to make a gratin which is generally just thinly sliced potatoes with cheese or cream, sometimes other things thrown in. I decided to throw a lot more things in. It’s still baking and I have no idea how it’s gonna turn out, but I decided to start writing.

Now I’ve been in a little bit of pain this week and there’s been a lot of talk recently about  anti-inflammatory diets, so I looked it up and it doesn’t include any of the good stuff. No potatoes, no cheese, no mushrooms. So I decided to mostly ignore it cause it didn’t sound like any fun, but I did add carrots, quinoa, olive oil and walnut oil which are anti-inflammatory. So I’m probably like breaking even, so I’m good with it. Anywho this is how I made my gratin.


I started with all the most beautiful roots I could find, and readied my mandolin. Potatoes, onions, rainbow carrots and mushrooms.


Then went to town slicing. Mushrooms didn’t fair as well as the rest of them but still sliced up alright.


Then the stacking begins.

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*Now in hind site, I would have left out the butter completely. I also added walnut oil at one layer which, added with the oil from the pesto and mozzarella which was just too oily overall. I can still feel it ozing out of my pores. Next time less butter Paula Dean!

I then wrapped it all up and popped it in Curt! At about 350°, then cranked it up to 400° halfway through. Finally I added a little Parm at the very end and uncovered my little gratin. After 30-45 mins of cooking… it was finally ready!



Now… this was a little off the wall and I was a little concerned it wasn’t gonna turn out too well. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was very edible and quite tasty. But like I said before.. a little greasy.


It’s not too pretty, but it’s winter and a girls gotta eat.

Happy Creating! ~ M


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