You Can Eat These!!! 

Well my fridge only has cheese, bread and 3 bags of half eaten apples, don’t ask. So I wasn’t sure what I was gonna make this week, because next week I have dinner planned all next week for work things and what not then I’m leaving town for the weekend. So I got a little creative and pulled this cute little Acorn Squash off the shelf, cause you can eat them! 
Thank goodness TJs puts directions on this cute little sticker. Well I knew I didn’t want to microwave it, cause it just felt wrong. So I decided to roast it. Once it was all cleaned up I stuck it in the oven with a lil olive oil and S&P. 
I then decided, probably too late, that I wanted to stuff it. So I had onions and bread crumbs … 

And I shoved them in… Then hoped for the best. 

I was kinda worried the onions in the middle would be raw so I covered it with some foil. Hoping it would steam it a little, which seemed to work alright, they looked real cozy at least. Curt worked good and hard then I pulled them out. (Mozzarella was added right at the end and the foil was pulled off) 


Honestly it was wildly mediocre… I love the delicata squash I made once, but this ones texture was different. A little bit stringy, not much flavor, and the onions in the middle were a little raw. If I did it again I would put more inside, maybe something a little more moist. But hey it was edible and I learned something… Maybe you did too!! 


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