When Don Gives You Lemons…. 

I had an extremely busy week and weekend full of decadent meals and all varieties of drinks. All week my company hosted a global sales meeting for all our sales reps, treating them to breakfast, lunch and dinner and lots of desserts. I immediately followed this week with a weekend in Palm Springs celebrating the engagement of one of my best friends, which included dinner, desserts and many many drinks! So not only did not cook anything for myself in the last 7 days, but I am in dire need of some health and detox. 
My newly engaged friends father insisted we each take home a bag of lemons, which I wasn’t sure how I would use, but they looked so bright and fresh I couldn’t resist. 


So I found this delightful recipe online for a lemon-ginger detox drink. 
3 cups Water 

2 sliced lemons

2 cubes of peeled fresh ginger

1/8 tsp Turmeric

1 tsp local honey 
Only one problem… The recipe shows all these ingredients boiled on a stove top, but I don’t have a stove. So I’m trying something tricky. 

I added the water to this deep bread pan.  

Added the lemons and peeled ginger.


Turmeric and Honey. 


Kinda looks like I let a toddler loose in my pantry.  


Then covered it all with foil and popped it in curt at 500. 


When I started to smell the lemon and ginger, and I heard it sputtering, I pulled it out. 

A miracle!!! It’s piping hot and delicious … Perfect for my scratchy throat.  

Maybe I can make soup one day like this!? 

Now into bed before another busy week! ~M 


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