Game Day: Mostly-Healthy Spinach Artichoke Dip

So I’m sure it’s news to all of you, but today is Super Bowl Sunday!!! Which is a day here in America, where people love gather around their big screen TVs and eat mountains of high-fat bar food with all their friends and family. Now don’t get me wrong, I love holidays or any occasion which revolves around eating. But I still wanted to stay loyal to my mostly-healthy vegetarian recipes I post here, so I decided on a mostly-healthy spinach artichoke dip.
Now you can find tons of recipes online for “healthy” spinach artichoke dip, but they’re all a lie. No recipe that requires this much cheese, and fat (sour cream, cream cheese, mayo) can fall into any category that could be considered healthy. Now I knew I wouldn’t be making a healthy dip but I wanted to lighten it up to help with the inherent heaviness of this dish.
So I rounded up a fair assortment of mostly healthy ingredients for my mostly-healthy spinach artichoke dip. Frozen Spinach, canned artichoke hearts, shredded mozzarella, light whipped cream cheese, plain Greek yogurt, crushed garlic, and a lemon. (Don’t mind those tangerines they weren’t on the guest list)

First I worked on breaking off a few chunks of spinach to defrost it… It didn’t go so well. I still have tiny chunks of now fully defrosted spinach in my carpet.

Finally I rounded up enough to defrost it, and put it in the microwave on low. *Doesn’t need to get hot, just soft enough to stir in.

Then I emptied the whole tub of Greek yogurt…

And cream cheese into my bowl.  

Then a small spoon of the crushed garlic, it’s very strong.

Then I chopped up about 4 artichoke hearts, (only one in the picture… Lil cutting board)

And added the thawed spinach.  

But it looked like the white was outweighing the green, and I still hadn’t added the mozzarella. So I added more artichoke and spinach, and the Mozzarella.

Then I forgot I was gonna add a little mayo and parm. Plus S&P and my lemon!

It was all looking very homogeneous … So I put it all in my trusty red pan.

I wanted a little more lemon infused into this dip, so I added a few slices on the top…

Then all wrapped up and popped in Curt at 350, for 30-40 minutes. I think, again without fail, I didn’t set a timer.

When it was making all the good bubbly noises and was smelling real good. I pulled off the foil, added a little extra Moz and let it melt… But not caramelize.

When I reached my destination I finished it off and let that cheese get nice and brown.

Then served it up with some pita chips and napkins!!!

Happy Game Day! Go… Teams!?



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