Easy Oreo Truffles! 

Sometimes the simplest of things are the most delicious, especially when sugar is involved. I’ve made this recipe once before but forgot just how easy it is! So our shipping department had a BBQ for lunch on Friday and I offered to bring something sweet. Now I knew I would not be able to bake enough treats in lil-o-Curt, or if I did it would take forever, so I decided to make something I didn’t have to bake. Here is my recipe for Oreo Truffles!
Now this is easy-peasey just a little tedious … But it’s only 3 ingredients. Double Stuffed Oreos, Cream Cheese and Candy Melt Chocolate (same I used in my peppermint mark)

Now I tripled the recipe, but you can scale it however you want to fit your needs.

1 package of double stuffed Oreos

4-6oz Cream Cheese

Candy melts chocolate (Michaels has every different color and flavor)

I started by blending up the Oreos. Now I only have my little magic bullet, but if you have anything bigger especially a food processor I highly recommend using it. I could only fit about 6 Oreos in my bullet and even then the bottom would get packed so I would shake whole blender while it was running to insure it blended everything evenly.

Then I added cream cheese, start with about 4oz per package of Oreos. Add more if it’s not all sticking together.

Once it’s all homogeneous start rollin! Aim for about one inch balls, two bites it’s ideal. Then place all the balls on a sheet of wax paper, and stick in the freezer for at least 10 minutes.  

Then I melted down the dark chocolate per the instructions on the bag.

My first idea of how to coat the balls was to pour the chocolate over balls with a grate underneath to catch the chocolate.

Didn’t work well, got my fingers covered in chocolate and the balls were covered in finger prints. Not the end of the world, but not the goal. So I decided to stick them with a toothpick and kinda dip them. Then quickly add the sprinkles as the chocolate hardens quickly.

I did the same with the white chocolate which is much prettier!

Then they just chill in the fridge until they’re ready to be eaten. And so so good!

Enjoy! And share with good people! ~ M 


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