Not Pretty, Not Good… Still Food

Whatever’s around. Sometimes the only option or the necessary option to make space in the fridge and use up things that might be going bad. I made a Hail Mary pass the other night with some aging rainbow carrots and a sad looking bag of Brussels. I decided on a variety of roastings. I started with the carrots, peeled and quartered.

Made a spice mixture of whatever was closest and some olive oil. S&P, curry and paprika all in a bag- easy, mess free, even coating of the carrots.

Then into the pan and to then Curt at 400 degrees… and I started working on the Brussels.

I halved the Brussels and spread them on a pan. I wanted to try to something a little different from the olive oil and spices on these. So I grabbed a miso and ginger dressing from my fridge. And doloped a bit on each piece and tossed them around.

Then when the carrots were done, which were very very tasty. I popped the Brussels into Curt.

After not too long they were crispy and done! But absolutely dreadful. Sour, tart and salty… Do not try at home. 

I still didn’t want to waste these little puppies so I poured a little honey mustard dressing on them and polished them off. Girls gotta eat!

It’s not always pretty, but you can always learn something. And hopefully still eat.



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