Oprah Bread 

Oprah has a lot of things figured out, she’s like a kilgilionaire with gorgeous mansions, mountains of money and a jumbo jet. I have none of these things but I still have one thing in common with Ms. Oprah …. I Love Bread!!!!! So I thought I would make some rustic bread from scratch. (I also decided to do a little kitchen squatting for some more space… Cause again, I’m not Oprah)

I know this is real science, so I actually followed a recipe from a fellow blogger… Diary of an Addict.

I still added my own flair – Rosemary, Garlic Olive Oil and Walnut Oil.

I started by activating some yeast with salt and some luke warm water. Then you must let it hang out for 15 mins or so. Let me warn you … Bread is more waiting than baking, so don’t plan your day around it.

Now I apologize all the waiting had me forgetting about taking all my pictures. – I collected some beautiful Rosemary from the yard, stripped it and chopped it finely.

Then a splash of olive oil, and all the flour – six full cups. I started mixing with my hands. It was messy… But eventually I reached a doughy texture.

Now… Yup you bet more waiting. The dough needs to be mostly covered, little slit open for breathing. 3-4hrs at room temp is best. Half way through I split the dough into two bowls as it was growing too large for the bowl. I think this helps the continued rising.

What felt like months later… I pulled the dough from the bowl and formed it into a loose ball. Tons of flour involved, as it is quite sticky. On to a pizza stone with yes, more flour. I made a few slits in the top and sprinkled with salt.

Then finally the oven! Pre-heated to 450. With a tray of water and a broiler pan… As my recipe instructed.

After 30-40 minutes the exterior was crunchy and golden. When I sliced into into it, it was soft and warm and so delicious. Then I just ate it… Lil olive oil and balsamic.

I LOVE BREAD!!! And with it, I will conquer the world. 



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