Lazy Vegetarian burrito 

It was a long lazy Sunday that deserved a easy going dinner. But no need to abandon my vegetarian ways, also I was working out of my freezer and pantry which are strictly vegetarian. So I did some digging and this is what I found! Wheat tortilla, refried black beans, grilled corn (frozen), grilled peppers and onions (frozen), spicy sweet potatoes and sour cream. (Decided to save the tomatoes for lunches this week)  
I skinned and chopped the sweet potato.

Then tossed it in coconut oil and choula. And into Curt, around 375. Until crispy. (Picture is pre-toasty, coconut oil hadn’t spread well so I was a little worried, but everything still crisped perfectly)

Next I defrosted the corn and peppers (1st on Curt, then in the microwave)

Then warmed up the beans, with a splash of water. To help moisten them and make them a little creamier.

Finally I warmed the tortilla in the Curt *while off, after cooking the sweet potato nuggets*. Then I stacked everything together and topped it with sour cream!

 Turns out my tortilla was a little too small, so I had a little “after salad” when my burrito was finished.

Stocking good food in the pantry and freezer means a good meal whenever you need it! And so so easy!


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