Healthy Balls

I have been on a bit of a health kick lately, so I wanted to make something healthy this week that could keep me on track through the week. Especially because yesterday I made a whole tray of orange brownies and ate more than none of them.

I’d seen a few different recipes on Pinterest for “Power Balls”, which feature a variety of healthy ingredients packed with protein and vitamins all rolled into a few tasty bites . The idea is that one or two of this little balls can fill you up between meals and act as a quick fix for lots of vitamins and nutrients.

So after a little adventure at the bulk bins of Whole Foods, I gathered up a few different healthy things and started mixing. I looked at a bunch of different recipes but ended up winging it based on the ingredients I had and the consistency I knew I had to achieve. I had wheat flour, vanilla protein powder, flax meal, chia seeds, almond butter, peanut butter, cacao nibs, frozen banana, oats, yogurt, cinnamon, and coconut oil.

The first recipe went a little like this… Callin it “Cocao and Oats”

Oats and chia.

Flax meal

Almond butter and coconut oil

Vanilla protein powder 


And finally Cocao nibs

But as I mixed this all together I realized it was way too dry. So I added a little scoop of the yogurt I was having for breakfast.

Then it all finally clumped together and started to look real good.

Then I just started rolling it into balls, which was really easy. Then popped them in he freezer to set.

Recipe number two! “Banana Dipped”

It started with wheat flour …


Vanilla protein powder

Flax meal

Then all mixed together so everybody was friends

Then my defrosted frozen banana (always in the freezer) which is not photogenic … Very not.

And a big dolop of peanut butter!

And all mixed until its solid and and not too sticky. Add more flour if needed.

Then a little more rolling, and again super easy. This dough isn’t very sticky so my hands stayed relatively clean. And into the freezer to set.

For these balls, I wanted to add a little bit more sweetness. So I melted some dark chocolate…

And did a tiny bit of dipping, and back to the fridge.

No Baking, No Fuss. These were so easy!  And pretty healthy, I’m not an expert but some pretty good stuff went into these so they’re totes healthy. You can quote me on that.



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