Wonderful World Cookies

Earth Day is one of the lesser celebrated national holidays, but I’ve always loved it. It’s an unselfish and loving holiday all about taking a moment (or a day) to step back and recognize how beautiful and special the earth we live in is.
I wanted to spread a little Earth Day love and happiness, so I set out to do it in the only way I know how… Baking!

Again I saw some pictures of this online and decided to give it a shot, this was more about the craft than the baking – cause I used cookie dough mix. But I honestly have never made any kind of cookies from a mix before so there was definitely some adventure in that.
Wonderful World Cookies

We start with your run of the mill sugar cookie mix…. I’m using 2 bags one for each color.


Then add whatever it wants you to add for “drop cookies” – mine needed just a little butter at room temp, and an egg.

Then mix together until smooth and doughy – this will take time and muscle.

Once you have the desired texture – we start coloring the world! I used Wilton Colors from Michaels, and kind of a lot of it to get the bright colors I wanted.

The mixing to complete color takes a little time and muscle as well. But they came together well with the bright colors I desired.

Then I started building my earths… Like God. Ya kinda roll up one color and stick little bits of the other on to it – Pretty fool proof.

Then into the oven per the instructions and in about 10 minutes the wonderful worlds are created!!!

Happy Earth Day! Love your World today!



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