Toaster Oven Mashed Potato 

They said I couldn’t do it, but I did. Mashed potatoes in the toaster oven! People always ask how I make anything in my closet kitchen, but I just answer that I can make anything I want in my closet kitchen! And tonight I made garlic mashed potatoes!
I started with the bare essentials, golden potatoes, butter and garlic.

I diced up the potatoes into small-medium sized cubes, so they would cook quickly, and added them to a baking dish. I keep the skins on because they’re full of vitamins.

Next I peeled the garlic. I learned on cooking shows how to easily peel garlic. First you smash each clove with the flat part of a large knife.

Then you can easily peel the skins off each clove! Easy- low mess.

I added in the garlic, a few tablespoons of butter, and covered the pan with foil, and told Curt to get to work at 350 degrees!

After about 45 mins… I think, I forgot to keep track… Again. The potatoes were all fork tender.

I picked out the garlic because I decided it needed to be more roasted. So I set them in a little olive oil and cranked up Curt.

I poured out all the potatoes and melted butter into a large bowl and started smashing.

When the garlic was all roasty-toasty I added a little cream cheese then mixed it all together!

Creamy and delicious. “Did you make this in your toaster oven?!” Why yes… Yes I did!

Bring it on.



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