Amateur Vegan Spring Rolls

Today’s adventure … Spring rolls! I was grocery shopping when I saw some brown rice spring roll wrappers and I thought, “Oooo those sound good, but I’ve never made spring rolls before.” So I looked into a few different recipes and all they require are some warm water and a knife for chopping… And I definitely can do that in my closet! So I spent the morning at the farmers market, grocery store and local Asian market gathering some delicious veggies and necessary ingredients.

I decided the following would make some bright and refreshing spring rolls… Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, cucumber, red cabbage, butter lettuce, carrots, fresh mint, basil and Vermincelli Noodles.

I started by chopping the bell peppers, I used my mandolin to get especially thin crisp pieces.

I already had some sliced cucumbers, which I just sliced again into little sticks.


I thinly sliced a few pieces of my personal sized red cabbage. So cute!


Then gathered my herbs, butter lettuce and already shredded carrots.


The Vermincelli noodles instructed soaking them in water for 3-5 mins. It didn’t specify warm or cold water. I chose cold, but next time I would probably chose warm. After their soak they still were a tiny bit crunchy.

The rice papers only need a quick but thorough dip in warm water. I used the biggest bowl I had but would recommend a bigger one if you have it, but it doesn’t need to be very deep.


After its quick dip, I spread the paper on my cutting board and started stuffing.

I mixed up what I put in each one, little of this little of that. My mind immediately started racing with all the possibilities and all the weird and crazy things I could try next time.


To wrap it up, I just folded the ends in and snugly rolled it all together. The rice paper sticks to itself making this pretty easy.


I think the white rice paper likely looks a little prettier, but these will still be just as yummy.


To accompany these I decided to whip up a peanut dipping sauce.

1/4 cup peanut butter

1/2 lime juiced

3 tbsp soy sauce

1/4 cup warm water

Hot sauce to taste
I melted some peanut butter until it was runny.


Added half a lime… Which felt very weird.


A decent amount of soy sauce… Which felt even weirder.

I added a little warm water.

Finally a few drops of hot sauce to add a little kick. 😀


Now to taste!!


So delightful! The sauce really seals the deal. I’m so happy these worked. I was quite nervous.




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