Summer Caulifower Curry Salad

Hot days are for cold salads. I’ve always loved cold broccoli salads, so when I saw a cauliflower salad recipe I decided to try it. I decided to tweak it a little and add curry. This what what I used…

Red peppers

Canned Sweet Corn

Green onion


I chopped up each in bite sized pieces! (I knew I was gonna save it to eat later this week so I skipped a dish, and decided to make this in a Tupperware)

I rinsed and drained the canned corn.

Then I made the curry sauce.

Mayonnaise, lemon juice, curry, cayenne pepper, and a little S&P.

I added the sauce over top these veggies, topped the lid and gave it a solid shaking.

After a night of marinating this salad, it’s prefect for an outa the box cold lunch.

Stay cool my friends. Happy Summer!

~ M


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