For as long as I can remember I have loved Tiramisu, but I have never made it at home before. I looked up a few recipes and it seemed easy enough. After a few days searching for ingredients I had everything I needed to make a classic Italian Tiramisu. 
After a long nap, I dived in.

I started by separating 3 eggs. There are many techniques for this but I use the technique my mother taught me. Crack the egg in half, and slowly and carefully pass the yoke back and forth between the two halfway until all the whites have fallen off. Then set the yoke in a separate bowl.

Once I had three yokes, I added 1/4 cup of sugar and started whipping. Once the mixture was light yellow and creamy I set it aside.

Then I folded in the mascarpone cheese. And whipped until there were no more lumps.

Then I worked on whipping the whites.. Which turned out to be a lot more difficult than I planned. I whisked and whisked but was making no progress. I was suppose to be making soft peaks.

Seeing that I didn’t have an electric mixer, I thought maybe a blender would do the trick.

It did not. I decided to add them to my my yolk and mascarpone anyways and try to whisk he whole mixture to add volume. This still wasn’t working so I added some Greek yogurt and a little more sugar.

It still looked nothing like it was supposed to, but I decided to muscle on.

I used some instant coffee to make some very strong coffee, with a little sugar. Once this had cooled I added it to a wide Tupperware along with 2 shots of dark rum.

I decided to dive in and start stacking. I dipped the fingers into the coffee and rum, lower half only to maintain some of the crispness of the cookie.

Once I had an even layer of fingers, I poured in the mascarpone mixture. But to my dismay… The fingers began to float. I don’t think that’s supposed happen. So I added more lady fingers.

They kept floating. I poured the rest of the mix.. And everything was still floating. I knew once this all was refrigerated it would set.

But if it was gonna look anything like a Tiramisu I needed to press it down while it set. So I covered it in plastic wrap, and set a big bag of flour on top.

I left in the fridge for about 5 hours, and it came out looking ok. But not very finished.

So I topped it with some shaved chocolate

Some cool whip, that barely covered it. And a touch of cocoa powder.

I don’t consider this a success, so there no recipe. If you wanna try this yourself just Google a recipe and follow their directions not mine.

This was not easy, but it was still pretty tasty and kinda sorta pretty. All about the journey and learning something new!


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