Chicken Pesto Lasagna 

I’ve been making a lot of lasagna lately, because I love lasagna, but I wanted to try something a little different. I’ve seen recipes for white lasagna or pesto lasagna and decided to give it a whirl. This is my Chicken Pesto Lasagna!
*DISCLAIMER* This is an out of the closet recipe! *DISCLAIMER*

I had a plan to make 3 lasagnas to pay a kitchen toll and feed some friends for a long weekend, so I borrowed a kitchen. 
Before we dive in, I’d like to offer my hindsight. Next time I will…

1. Use a smaller dish

2. Make more sauce

3. Buy more spinach

4. Or just make one lasagna instead of two

5. *and take more pictures– oops
I gathered up the best and brightest. Oven ready noodles, all the best pesto ingredients, rotisserie chicken (cause I’m lazy), one white onion and a little red onion, one head of garlic (or more), one box of spinach, ricotta, parm and a big ball of mozzarella.

I dove right in and started breaking down the chicken… Which quickly reminded me why I don’t cook meat… Ew. Once it was shredded into bite size pieces, I took on the pesto.

I made my pesto from scratch- per my closet pesto recipe, but I left out the parm as there is already plenty of cheese in a lasagna. I also added a little bit of my spinach to bulk it up.

Next was the roots! I sliced the onions into medium pieces, and halved about 10 garlic cloves. I sweated them down, with some butter and a little salt.

The spinach also got a quick sweat down in a hot pan – but not all the way… I knew it would cook more in the oven.

Now halfway through these lasagnas, I was running out of pesto so I had to stretch it, but I recommend doing this from the start. In essence it was a gravy with pesto mixed it.

I melted 2 tbsp of butter in a pan, added about 1/4 cup of flour and stirred it until the flour was all saturated. Then I added some cream and milk… About a cup. I continued stirring quickly until the mixture was thickened. Then I added the pesto. BINGO! Creamy pesto sauce.

Then we can just stack away!

A little base of spinach and sauce. Followed by a few noodles, onions and garlic, and chicken.

Then the ricotta and and thick slices of Moz.

Then more spinach, sauce, noodles and through the loop again. To top it all off a noodle sauce and parm.

Then into the oven! Covered at 375 for 30mins. Uncovered for 15 mins.

It didn’t go super smoothly, but it turned out pretty good, and quite tasty. Everybody was a fan! Gotta roll with the punches, and think on your feet. Cause then you get lasagna!



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