Closet Chilaquiles y Huevos 

Never made chilaquiles before? Not a problem. How hard can I be.
I had a jumbo bag of tortilla chips that I needed to get rid of, but I was on a soft food binge after a little dental work… And yogurt had me snoozing.

Not sure, but I think these are the necessary ingredients. Chips, tomatoes, green pepper, salsa, eggs and sour cream. Didn’t even google this one, aren’t you proud?


Chopped the peppa.


Chips. Pan.


Tomatoes. Plus 1 can of water for extra moisture.


Peppa. And salsa.


Into the oven at 350 for 15 mins.

Out then eggs and back in at 400 for 10mins.


Out and cheese!


And a dollup of crema.


Breakfast for dinner!! I think it tastes like its supposed to, but I think I’ve only had it once or twice in my life. So I’m not complaining, the chef doesn’t put up with whiners.



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