Needle in a Chocolate Haystack 

Mk that’s just a cute name, there are no needles in these cookies.

A friend of mine made oatmeal haystacks a few weeks ago, and it reminded me of this delicious and easy recipe. I’m not sure when or where I had them at first, but they’re so tasty.
I think the hardest part of these was finding all the ingredients. The noodles are not easy to come by. The chocolate is molding chocolate from Michaels, the the little marshmallows were from smart and final, and are lucky charm consistency.

So these little stacks of awesomeness are only three easy steps. Melt. Toss. Drop.

Chocolate goes in microwave per directions.

Then noodles and whatever else you want. I did one batch of mini marshmallows and one with peanuts.

Then drop little piles on to wax paper. And let dry.

They dry at room temp, within a few hours.

Then crunchy chocolate goodness is all yours!! Make sure you have enough to share with your friends!



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