Spaghetti Squash with Lemon Butter 

The first time I tried to cook spaghetti squash I was a little intimidated, I wasn’t sure how to approach it. But I saw a recipe only for it online that suggested slicing it into big rings, rather than in half. This makes coring it more of a surgical procedure, but still very doable.

So find your sharpest, preferably serrated knife. And slice some big pretty rings.

Then scoop out the seeds and slimy pulp. Be careful not to scoop out too much of the edges because that’s the good stuff.

Then drizzle the rings with olive oil, S & P. And roast!

Curt goes to work at 450.

Once the rings are golden brown and fork tender, they’re ready for eating. ~ 25mins

Here comes the easy part, the shell should just peel right off and you can toss the meat in a bowl and as you toss it with tongs the spaghetti will appear.

I kept the dressing of these little squash noodles pretty simple… Lemon juice and butter. Then a little parm to finish.

I highly recommend this goofy little gourd! It’s delish and it doesn’t give you the pasta sleeps like regular pasta. It’s light, savory and delightful!!!
Lovin it!

– M


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