Harvest Curry Chicken Salad 

There’s nothing particularly ‘Harvest-y” about this curry salad but I did harvest the ingredients from Trader Joes myself. I also took the 5 minute pilgrimage down to the store. Curry Chicken salad is one of my comfort foods. I almost always order it when I see it on menus and love it on sandwiches, salads or all by itself.

I did this the easy way. I bought pre-cooked chicken and chopped in nice small pieces .

Then I chopped celery in small pieces, so I only tasted the crunch, not the weird celery taste. And lots of green onions.



I halved some crisp red grapes.


Toasted some raw slivered almonds. If I haven’t mentioned it already I always buy raw nuts and keep them in the freezer, then toast them fresh for recipes. I think this makes for the longest lasting and best tasting nuts.


Then I added a whole bunch of curry and turmeric, plus a little salt and pepper.


Then I added my favorite mayo… It’s actually vegan! But tastes even better than regular mayo.

I tossed it all and annualized the proportions – can’t remember, but I might have added a little more chicken.

This is one of those funny dishes, it is not very good right away. It’s much better the next day. So it’s a great meal prep dish that only gets better throughout the week!
Happy Harvesting!!



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