About Me


My name is Melissa. I was born and raised in the small town of Santa Barbara, California. A town where the best things to do involve eating and drinking wine, so naturally I became an avid food and proud wino. I have always enjoyed cooking and sharing food with the ones I love. I try to practice clean eating, and I am mostly vegetarian or vegan but I don’t like labels and if my father cooks me a filet mignon.. I eat it. When I cook for myself it’s all vegetarian.

My background is in health and exercise science so I have some strong beliefs about food and health and how it contributes to overall well being.  To be fair, I’m better at preaching than practicing but I do my best.  Everything is always best in moderation and if you put good in you get good out.

I hope you enjoy all my little adventures in my little closet kitchen!



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